Matthew started out in real estate more than 9 years ago and has been a consistent producer since then. 

He is especially known for his eye in numbers and data, which is a proven formula as numbers don’t lie. He has seen many clients make mistakes through emotion buying, thus he has created a Risk Analysis Framework for his clients by covering topics such as Property Life Cycle, Demand vs Supply, Minimising ABSD through Decoupling and many more. 

Since then, many clients have benefitted from his advice in selecting the right property and he has transacted more than hundreds of properties with referrals coming back since his rookie year and engaging him for his service even after many years apart. 

Division Top Rookie during the 1st year of joining the industry. 

2012 to 2020 – Consistently within Top 3% Annually

2021 – Top 1% in ERA & a Millionaire Achiever

Jasmine is, as all wives are, the backbone of this partnership. She was in business development & partnerships ever since she graduated and handles all the work that goes on behind the scene. Her strengths are in digital & social media marketing and bring each and every property to the targeted buyer’s eyes rather than waiting passively.

Importantly, they view every home uniquely, each with its own strength and story behind it. Using years of experience, they are able to identify, conceptualise and put together an ideal way to best showcase it to potential buyers as they always call it “Selling an experience”. 

Unlike a typical partnership, and most that you’ve heard of, Matthew is from ERA and Jasmine from Propnex. These are two of the biggest industry leaders in Singapore, thus they are able to further leverage on their individual network and platforms to add value to their clients.