Top 6 Questions on ABSD or Decoupling!

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Q : What is ABSD & How to avoid/minimize It?

A : In full term, it is known as Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty which is a tax that’s levied on top of Buyer's Stamp Duty. (a tax that property buyers have to pay when they buy a property).

Need help on avoid/minimize your ABSD?
Avoiding ABSD

Q : Is it possible to own 2 properties without incurring Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD)? ​

A : Yes, it is possible and we have assisted various clients from different backgrounds to grow their asset portfolio which you may refer to some real case studies below!
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Q : And now, what Is Decoupling then?

A : Decoupling is the process where one co-owner of a property transfers his or own share to other co-owner ( in the most common situation of a property co-owned by 2 persons).

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Decoupling Advice

Q : I own an HDB which is coming to 5 years/more than 5 years, what should I do now? ​

⁣A : We have a few options where you can upgrade from your existing HDB or even the possibility of buying 2 properties with rental income. However, we would need more information (eg outstanding loan, financial assessment) to assess the feasibility as well.

Q : I own a private property, what is next in line for me?​

A : We have 3 different options for you, but before that, we need more information (eg property info, financial assessment) from you so that we can propose the most suitable method.

Q : Do I have to pay you any consultation fees or any hidden cost involved? ​

A : Definitely NOT. We highly believe in working on a transparent relationship and we provide a complimentary consult with a personalised risk analysis report for you as well.

Read on to find out more about our successful decoupling case studies for both HDB & Private owners INCLUDING OURS !

Case Studies

We thought that apart from just sharing our client’s stories, why not we share about our OWN story first? It would be more convincing hearing it from us as we have already went through the process! In short, we walk the talk! 

So here is OUR OWN TRUE STORY and how we have successfully decoupled and planning way ahead for extra savings for rainy days and retirement. 

We are in our mid 30s now, and as most young couples, got married earlier and went the usual “right of way” to buy our 1st property – 4room HDB Build To Order(BTO) at Hougang area. As per all conventional saying, “you need to take advantage of what the government is giving you”. That was the mindset prior to us joining this industry.

But fast forward 8yrs later (including 3yrs to build and waiting another 5 years to reach MOP), we sold our flat. WHY? Where to get such amazing views? Why not fully pay it and be debt free? These were typical questions asked. 

In short, we are aware that HDB is a priced possession and commonly thought of as a “safety net”. But being in the industry for years, we did our own research,  (which we will be sharing with all of you) we realised the opportunity cost and/or options to be saving while making money was missing. Seeing many clients stuck and having insufficient funds for retirement despite having a fully paid property was also one of our biggest concerns. 

Thus, we weighed out our risk, saw the potential and decided to take the leap of faith where we sold our HDB and TODAY, we are the owners of 2 private properties in the RCR and the CCR in Singapore and did not incur ABSD.

However, bear in mind that everyone’s situation is up to the individual based on your comfort level and we are more than happy to discuss!

Today, we own 2 Private Properties

& planning well ahead for retirement.


Of course, we are aware that there are home owners who would want to keep their HDB due to the following reasons :  

1) Preference of bigger space due to family size 

2) Personal family reason

3) Sentimental reason

We completely understand and we are able to assist home owners to retain their HDB, purchase another private property with MINIMAL ABSD.

But of course, every case is unique and we will need to assess your situation before we can advise further! So do leave us your contact below now to find out on your eligibility! 

As Home Owners, you can possibly benefit from our well strategised method and keep your HDB, own a 2nd private property

& leave a legacy to pass on to your children down the road.

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     Mr and Mrs Ho own a private property currently and  wanted to purchase another private property due to the locale and possibility of. However, Mrs Ho would like to keep their existing property due to sentimental value and would like to minimise incurring Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD) as well. 

    We sat down, assessed their financial situation and importantly to understand their needs and objective.  After which, we gave them an overview on the market’s trend and data, the potential upside and opportunities and their risk and safety net most importantly.

    They were assured and felt that decoupling their existing property while concurrently purchasing their next private property would be the best option moving forward that would meet their requirements and their needs. 

     However, bear in mind that everyone’s situation is up to the individual based on your comfort level and we are more than happy to discuss.

    Today Mr & Mrs Ho still retain their existing property
    & own a total of 2 private properties with

    potential extra funds of savings for their children and/or retirement.

    IMG_4397 2

    For buyers who strongly believes in the Singapore property market and is currently having 2 or more properties, do read on to find out how you could own another property with MINIMAL ABSD involved and to be able to save a significant amount of taxes.

    Our clients, both mother and daughter owned 2 properties combined and they wanted to get 1 more private  property for investment purposes.

    They were looking for a 1 bedder and through our professional advice and sharing, while reshuffling their ownership within the 2 properties that they had, they were able to secure a private property in an ideal location and also save a significant amount of taxes. 

    It is all possible with the right strategy and methods, we assisted our clients to reshuffle their assets and save in taxes. However, we do encourage you to leave your contact and speak to us, so we may better assess and advise and ensure that you are able to do so!

    Today, our clients collectively
    own 3 properties!

    -We Would Love To Clear Your Doubts!-

      In adherence to the Personal Data Protection Act, by submitting your personal particulars through the forms in this website, you are hereby agreeing to allow us to contact you via the contact information you have provided. 

      **Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only**

      Now that you are somewhat convinced or interested to find out how to own a 2nd property but you have these concerns..

      Q : When is the best time to buy?

      A : Unfortunately, there is never a BEST TIME to buy but that is why we are here to show you when it could be a good opportunity to enter the market.

      Q : Are there any value buys or discounts?

      A : We have done EXTENSIVE research for you and will show you the relevant but less-known data and share critical market information so that you are well equipped in your decision making.

      Q : Risk Or Opportunity? Logic Or Sentiments?

      A : Rest assured, we would not want you to break the bank just to own a 2nd property, nor for it to affect your lifestyle. Everyone should own a 2nd property at their comfort level. And we will share various risk assesment techniques to ensure that your monthly commitments will be manageable and safe.

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