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You may find yourself at a crossroad, torn between the decision to purchase a Private Resale property/ Brand New Private property or an HDB. Perhaps you’re still on the fence, adopting a “wait and see” approach, but uncertain about the specific trigger point you’re waiting for.

Allow us to lend an ear and understand your unique situation, intentions, needs, and concerns through a personal conversation over a call/zoom or in-person. In addition, we can offer you a complimentary financial assessment with a Mortgage broker who is affiliated with most banks, offering you the best prevailing rates at a glance.

Equipped with all the necessary information, we will guide you through a well-structured journey to address your concerns. Our Risk Analysis Framework using our 5-Step Guide will provide valuable insights, ensuring you don’t overpay in any situation.

Rest assured, with our comprehensive approach, we can provide you with a clearer direction. See below for more details!



When it comes to buying a property, knowledge is power. That’s why it’s crucial never to make a decision without understanding what you’re getting into. We’re here to ensure you have all the information you need and will touch on the following key points:

1. Financing: We’ll explore different financing options tailored to your unique circumstances.

2. Purpose: Whether it’s for own stay or investment, we’ll help you align your goals with the right property.

3. Exit Plan: We’ll discuss exit strategies for various time frames, from 3 to 10+ years and beyond.

4. Product Recommendation: Based on our extensive research, we’ll recommend properties that fit your requirements.

5. Risk and Transformation: We’ll assess the risks and potential transformations of the properties you’re considering.

Armed with relevant information, you’ll be empowered to make an informed decision to best suit your short-term or long-term goals. As homeowners ourselves, we understand the importance of feeling confident in your choice


We will explore various financing options available to you, customised to ensure your financial affordability and avoid over leveraging.

As we understand the importance of setting aside reserve funds for unforeseen circumstances. It is crucial that your family’s needs are not compromised during unexpected situations. Therefore, we take into account your unique requirements and help you create different options and financial plans that safeguards your financial well-being.


We understand that every individual has their own vision and purpose when it comes to real estate, thus we aim to align your goals and unique requirements with the ever-evolving market trends. By analysing past and current market data across different types of properties, we are able to source tailored options that perfectly suit your needs.


Having a well-thought-out exit plan is crucial for any successful investment. It ensures that you are prepared for any future circumstances and can maximize your returns when the time comes to sell. During the meeting, we will delve into different strategies tailored to your specific needs and goals, taking into account market trends and potential future scenarios.


Our team has carefully analysed your preferences and conducted a thorough market study to ensure that these recommendations align with your needs.


Our team understands the importance of assessing the risks and potential transformations associated with each property.

We will carefully evaluate the risks involved and provide you with a comprehensive analysis of each property’s potential for future transformations. Our goal is to ensure that you make an informed decision that aligns with your investment goals and aspirations.

  1. Risk & Uncertainties (Pandemic, Global Impact, Interest Rates)
  2. Demand & Supply (GLS & ENBLOC)
  3. Glimpse into the future (New Land Pricing)
  4. 99Yr & Freehold Property


Not sure how is the space going to fit or how to conceptualise the unit? We can provide a complimentary 3D drawing proposal for you to have a better idea of the space and layout that would give you better assurance or even speak to professionals who will be able to give you better clarity.


Congratulations on the purchase and what’s next? 

Rest assured, we will be there all the way till the end. From administrative work, engaging of law firm, mortgage broker etc and more.

We will be there alongside to help ensure a seamless process with us till the transaction is completed! 



Kelvin Phua
Read More
A dynamic duo for sure! From prepping the home, to taking some truly awesome photos and putting it out on the media and platforms that truly made a difference and managing every detail for each viewing. We not only managed to sell at a great price truly quickly, we also managed to find our new home in record time at a fantastic price! Couldn't be happier with their service and professionalism!
AugustineChew JessicaLuo
Read More
True dynamic duo! Besides their professionalism and systematic approach throughout the process, Matt and Jas impressed us most with their level of detail which made the entire process seamless. Probably the best advert we ever clicked on in FB. Genuine couple who caters to your needs.
Zhang Wenwei
Read More
Understand that our property is nearing MOP, my wife and I wanted to know more about selling our property and buying another. We decided to approach this lovely couple, Matthew and Jasmine.
Elena Lim
Read More
They sold and supported us on our buying journey. I wanted a strong negotiating realtor who knows the trade and you guys delivered on that.
Jocelin Soon
Read More
Matthew and Jasmine were always responsive and willing to go to the extra mile. Was very pleased with their services.
Jeremy Sng
Read More
both matt and jas were extremely helpful in accommodating my work schedule and went out of the way with top notch service, and all smiles! very grateful for their help. professional and responsive. not pushy. could not have asked for more.
Leanne Bupendra
Read More
A fabulous team. Professional, efficient and effective. We were blown away by their prep work, their presentation and marketing knowledge and skill, and their professionalism. They operate differently from any other agent we have ever met. They always try to accentuate the positives of your property and use that to present your property at it's best. Follow their advice, and you will sell your home in a jiffy at a price you want. Thanks Matthew and Jasmine.
Sean Seah
Read More
Professional, practical, perfect duo. Nothing stop them from giving their best to help the owners.
Serin Hvmzvh
Read More
Hi, I was having difficulty selling my house. we been marketing for almost 2 years. we were very lucky that someone introduce us to Mathew. Super commited and efficient. Both Mathew and Jasmine in less than 1 month manage to sell our house. They really put all the effort to make the success of selling our property. Last but not least you wont regret to choose them.
Jennifer Lim
Read More
Matthew and Jasmine are a passionate, efficient, helpful, thoughtful, responsible, trustworthy, quick-witted, attentive, patient and hardworking pair of partners at work. They handled the sale of my mum's property with great effort and delivered very satisfying results. Thank you!!
Dylan Loh
Read More
Matthew and Jasmine helped my mom sell her HDB flat in Bishan. I approached them after the unit was on the market for almost 6 months without any serious enquiries. They have been very patient and helpful throughout the marketing and sale process. Thank you!
Julian Lim
Read More
We entrusted Matthew and Jasmine to sell our first HDB flat. We had set aside a few months for the sale but to our pleasant surprise, in less than a month, out unit was sold. The whole process was stress-free, they were always well-prepared with data, knowledgeable in answering queries, and knew how to manage both seller’s and buyer’s expectations. I personally had prior bad experiences with property agents who were territorial, pushy, or unclear and not transparent.
Deborah Wong
Read More
I loved the professionalism Matt and Jas offered for the sale of our home. They offer practical suggestions and we were able to get an ideal offer for our home within a couple of weeks! I didn't think selling my home can be so easy.. thank u! Will definitely recommend this power duo to my friends and families!
Chay Margaret
Read More
Both Matthew and Jasmine are very professional and knowledgeable to their jobs. Beside they are very responsible and always work above their milage of their jobs.I should said they are very attentive, caring, friendly, polite, humble and always give a beautiful smile on their face.

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